Yahoo Unveils Entertainment App for iPad

Yahoo! Inc., recently announced Yahoo! Entertainment for the Apple iPad, which provides consumers with entertainment content, television listings, videos, news.

Yahoo! is leveraging the features of the iPad to create one of the most interactive and personal experiences possible. The Multi-Touch user interface makes it easy to help people discover new content on Yahoo! Entertainment, said a press release.

The app takes advantage of iPad’s geo-location functionality to pinpoint consumers’ locations to deliver relevant, local television listings and content. It offers real-time content from local providers, it surfaces and recommends TV shows, entertainment articles, and a wide variety of videos from across the Web.

The app can be used in both portrait and landscape displays.

“Devices like the iPad allow Yahoo! to create new experiences and expand the art of what’s possible in the eyes of consumers. Just like we did with Connected TV and mobile, we successfully re-imagined the consumer experiences for an entirely new platform,” said Tapan Bhat, senior vice president of Yahoo!’s Integrated Consumer Experiences.

Yahoo! Entertainment for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad.


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