Groom Updates Twitter, Facebook at The Altar

You know that apocalypse thing we’re always being told might be just around the corner? Well, do you feel the chilling breeze? Do you feel the troubled twittering in the trees?

For here is a tale that I know you will discuss with your loved ones, perhaps with other people’s loved ones, even with your psychological professional, the minute you hear it.

It appears a man called Dana Hanna is standing at the altar on November 21. He utters those most solemn vows about how he will love and obey or whatever it is that married people claim to do these days.

The officiant pronounces that Dana and his lovely bride, Tracy, are now married. Does Dana weep? Does he kiss his bride?

Ah, no. For Dana’s Twitter moniker is TheSoftwareJedi and his first loyalty is to his digital followers. So, much to his wife’s surprise, he whips out his cell phone and updates his statuses on both Twitter and Facebook. Right there at the altar. He also hands his wife’s cell phone over to her.

Now that he has uploaded the evidence (which we’re assuming isn’t staged), Dana insists that this was all done for fun.

Indeed, he explained on YouTube: “I have a lot of family scattered around the country and we all use Facebook a lot to keep in touch. So when Tracy and I were engaged, most of my family found out via Facebook because we updated our statuses.”

If you’re wondering what it is he tweeted from the altar, here it is: “Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride. #weddingday”

However, another tweet sent on Monday night by Hanna, who is chief architect of and president of Torian Technologies, might perhaps offer an even greater insight into his complex and socially networked psyche: “Just changed over the laundry for @TracyPage and was thrown off by the fact a bra was in there. Not used to living with a woman again.”

Oh, Tracy, are you sure about this? I only ask because I just tried to access the Tracy Page Twitter feed and received the message “this page doesn’t exist.”


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