Facebook Poll Launches Secret Service Investigation

If you are a developer, you better watch the content you post on Facebook or else you could be on the receiving end of a Secret Service investigation.  This has occurred after a third party application was pulled that allowed users to create Facebook Polls.  A recent poll that was placed on Facebook posing the following question: “Should President Obama be killed?”

The answers to the poll were either “yes,” “maybe,” “if he cuts my healthcare” and “no.”  The Secret Service Agency spokesman James Mackin has said an investigation has been launched because of the poll.  Facebook users reported the poll to the site owners and it was quickly taken down.  The application has been suspended until the developer can prove that they can better filter the content generated by the poll creator.  Facebook handles these situations by asking users to police the site and flag any inappropriate content.

It appears that the application was created over the weekend and first appeared on the developer’s page Advanced Alien Technology.  The user that created the poll has yet to be named.



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